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life mind Apr 19, 2020

I often close up tight when there is hard stuff happening. Super tight. Part protection, part importance, part self preservation, part self implode strategy, part avoidance at its finest.

Funny though, as a professional mentor and coach I help high achieving, multiple hat wearing women reconnect to solutions, Love and Truth. We reconnect to what I call Core Confidence and Core Connection. đŸ’«

I also love creating safe, sacred spaces where everyone has a seat at the table and can reconnect to that still small voice stirring deep within that is God and our Truth.

Yet, I so often push away these safe spaces myself!
How odd…yet how completely human.

I believe we have a golden opportunity right now to be shown the deepest aspects of ourselves we usually run from, we dislike and want to cut away.

Only through accepting and seeing ourselves “warts and all” can we come into our souls purpose and feel joyful, content and ALIVE.

I created the Wild & Bright Retreat and now private FB community (Wild & Bright Sanctuary) for women- because I saw a need for all things REAL. I saw a need for safe, sacred space to recharge and get back in touch with what we really want and need to thrive.

Funny though, because what I created for others- has ended up being the exact community I needed for myself too.


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It is time to reclaim space for yourself. 

Let's take small pockets of time for you to reclaim calm, freedom & joy. 

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