1:1 Mentoring

For women who are dedicated to success, but are feeling overwhelmed and stuck. 


Awaken the Wisdom of Your Core

So you can Emerge with claritydirectionand drive like you've never had before, and cultivate a business, relationships, and well-being that align with your Soul Purpose.


I see you.


You have a vision and a unique set of gifts to share - But it’s proving to be more challenging than you expected to see your plan through to fruition...

"I want to break free from the repetitive cycle of racing from one task to another without fulfillment and to no longer feel hopeless about the future.”

"I want to reclaim consistency and establish a balance between work, family, and my personal well-being."

"I want to release the clutter in my life, gain ultra clarity, and laser-focus on my goals to create forward momentum."

"I want to step into my full authentic self and cultivate relationships, love, and passion that align with my deepest desires."

Are you tired of undervaluing yourself, letting old subconscious narratives steer your choices, and only partially reflecting your true self? Are you prepared to leave that behind and embrace your soul-purpose, becoming the most empowered you’ve ever been?

That's your soul calling to you. You know what to do.

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Dr. Brianne Grogan


"I have worked with several coaches, therapists, and healers in the past and my session with Sara was totally unique... and incredibly powerful. She helped me reach the heart of the matter (the "core" of the matter) within minutes, and from there she helped me identify specific ways to work with the issues we'd uncovered. I feel armed with understanding, awareness, and tools to move forward."

The CORE Alignment Method
My foundational method, practiced daily by myself and members of the Sacred Sisterhood: Connect, Open, Restore, Emerge for enhanced intuitive ability and cognitive clarity
Identify and Heal Blocks
Learn what is blocking you (you may think you know, but usually there is something deeper) and chart a clearer path to reaching your desires and achieving your goals
Aligned Action for Desired Outcomes
Take consistent, simple, and aligned action in a focused way that draws your desires to you
Pattern Recognition and Shifts
Identify and end your self-sabotaging ways
Creating a Safe and Private Space
Understand the importance of having sacred environment for personal time and growth
Effective Scheduling and Planning
Take responsibility for your own consistency to ensure progress
Holistic Healing Approaches
Learn how to apply physical, energetic, spiritual, and strategic healing modalities for yourself
Life and Business Transformation
Apply these learnings in real-life scenarios, and find how just how effective and tangible the results can be


This is for you if...

  • You’re looking for a more aligned and holistic approach to personal and professional growth, beyond conventional methods.
  • You are ready for significant, transformational shifts in your life, particularly in terms of emotional and physical well-being.
  • You seek to identify and overcome subconscious blocks and patterns that hinder your progress and fulfillment.
  • You’re interested in integrating physical, energetic, and spiritual healing practices into your journey towards self-improvement.

This is not for you if...

  • You are so scattered and overbooked that you are not willing to carve out 1 hour every 2 weeks to tune into yourself and your needs.
  •  Your negative self-talk is so loud that you have little trust or belief in yourself to change.
  •  You are more in the phase of questioning what is possible and not yet ready to dive into clearing blocks and taking action.
  •  You are not ready to consider self-responsibility for the patterns you are experiencing, and goals you desire. 
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My life’s work is to support brilliant, visionary women like you in stepping fully into your authentic essence and aligning with the wisdom of your core-soul. My goal is to guide you to unlocking your soul’s deepest expression to live a life of integrity and flourish both personally and professionally. I am deeply committed to working with exceptional women and I believe in Divine timing—if you’re still reading this, it means you didn’t just stumble upon this page and you are exactly where you need to be.



Genevive Walker

“Sara has incredible knowledge of mind, body and spirit. She is gifted at helping people “ peel back the layers” of thoughts and patterns that keep us in limited belief thinking. If you are ready to expand beyond limited belief and make tangible life changes, I encourage you to work with Sara to achieve your goals. A true “ change maker” and a beautiful person inside and out.”

Kierstyn Le, LMT

“You told me this would happen in time, the influx of creativity and abundance and readiness for the adventure of life. But WOW. I’m so glad I have you in my life, the wisdom you've shared is priceless and Divine. You are so connected. Thank you one million times Sara.”

Catherine Gagnon

“Sara is an amazing combination of massive amount of knowledge, an intensely caring attitude and incredible intuition. Every time we spoke she was reading between the lines and bringing forth some hidden issues that I had so that we could reframe them and harness their power to move my life forward. I highly recommend Sara on your personal transformation and health journey, she'll blow your mind away"

60 minute virtual sessions
Personalized meditations made just for you
Distance energy cleanses
WhatsApp messaging
Access to my suite of on-demand courses
Dream interpretation
Divine messages downloaded to me specifically for you
Optional in-person Immersion Day (available for 6 & 12 month clients)

Each session is highly personalized to meet your individual needs and goals. Don't expect to be checking off boxes on a worksheet! My mentoring style is intimate, involved, and very effective.


+The Immersion Day upgrade option is an additional $975

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Kindly be aware: I personally review each application to choose those who are most suitable for my mentorship style. In this mentorship, you will be my primary focus, so I am looking for dedicated individuals prepared to actively engage, take decisive steps, and fully commit to elevating themselves to new levels of excellence.

Jennifer Murphy


“Sara’s holistic approach to working with her clients is incredibly impactful. She has the ability to instantly set you at ease and help you to discover the root issues in your life to set goals around and then creates an environment for accountability. Sara understands the many pressures of being a woman today and helps others to share their lives in a vulnerable, yet safe, way.”

My journey to mentoring began in 2005 as a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in pelvic floor health. I observed a profound change in women who improved their pelvic floor health: they became more energized and empowered to pursue their deepest desires. This correlation between pelvic floor healing and a newfound sense of clarity and purpose fascinated me, propelling me into the realms of the mind-body connection, energy healing, and the spiritual significance of the pelvis.
My personal understanding deepened with the birth of my son, who was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called apraxia. The challenges of new motherhood, compounded by his condition, left me exhausted, moody, and suffering from hormonal, skin, mental, and emotional issues. Despite my knowledge and efforts in nutrition, core strengthening, and self-help, I felt defeated, unable to heal myself or my son.
I hit rock bottom. I felt defeated. I was doing everything "right!" So why couldn't I heal and move forward?
This crisis led to a pivotal realization: I had been seeking solutions externally, relying solely on my professional training and external experts. It was only when I turned inward, connecting deeply with the Divine, that I experienced a profound shift. I received an intuitive message to realign with my core and pelvis, restoring intuition, wholeness, and soul-purpose within myself. 
And it just made perfect sense.
Embracing this insight, I healed myself by integrating my pelvis – the cradle of life and creation – with my mind and heart. This journey not only restored my health but also led to the creation of the CORE Alignment Method, marking the start of a new professional path.
For the past 15 years, I have merged my pelvic physiology expertise with holistic practices like Reiki, yoga, meditation, bodywork, and spirituality. This unique blend has introduced a new paradigm for enhancing the mind-body connection, profoundly impacting the lives of women worldwide.
My program, "Awaken the Wisdom of Your Core," is an intimate, long-term mentorship that delves into the depths of your mind-body-soul. It's designed to equip you with deeply rooted confidence, awareness, and understanding. By tapping into the sacred wisdom within, you'll gain the tools and power to create, build, and nurture anything you desire in your life and business.
I can't wait to guide you on your journey, helping you step into your power and flourish.
With Love and Light,
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