Awaken Your Core

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Claim Authenticity, Health & Purpose Professionally + Personally


Have you tried pretty much every organizational, health and wellness strategy out there, from meal plans to self help books, personal trainers to inspirational quotes?


Or, perhaps you have avoided thinking about it. But your schedule, career, body and mind are now screaming at you for some serious changes.  


You have spent so much time and energy. It's tiring really, to be trying SO hard yet still feeling like it isn't working. It feels like there's been something missing in your life. 


Maybe nothing is missing  per se... perhaps something has yet to be discovered


Living a harmonized life of of authenticity and greater ease truthfully doesn't have to be a complicated formula. It can be simple.

It just has to be real & meaningful.


If you feel ready to:

🌿Stop living in your head
🌿Stand in full alignment
🌿Meet your Inner Wise Woman
🌿Lean into your desires and take clear actions


Then you are ready to Awaken Your Core.
Dr. Brianne Grogan smiling with yellow background

Dr. Brianne Grogan

CEO of Vibrant Pelvic Health

"I have worked with several coaches, therapists, and healers in the past and my session with Sara was totally unique... and incredibly powerful. She helped me reach the heart of the matter (the "core" of the matter) within minutes, and from there she helped me identify specific ways to work with the issues we'd uncovered. I feel armed with understanding, awareness, and tools to move forward."

Jenifer Murphy

 Director of Quality & Patient Safety MW Healthcare

“Sara’s holistic approach to working with her clients is incredibly impactful. She has the ability to instantly set you at ease and help you to discover the root issues in your life to set goals around and then creates an environment for accountability. Sara understands the many pressures of being a woman today and helps others to share their lives in a vulnerable, yet safe, way.” 

Angie Pizzeck

Co-Owner of Grounding Guidance Reiki Healing Center, RVA

After Mini Retreat:

"We accessed spaces on all levels of my mind body spirit that I had not been led to bring awareness to before. I am grateful for your knowledge, skills and gifts that led to profound unlocking (and unblocking) today. There is more for us to work on, and I am excited to see where this new awareness blooms in my life!!"

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