Living From the Core Retreat







Your Core is Calling You…


it is asking you to shift.

From survival, stress and too many “juggling it all alone” moments

to a golden opportunity to




I promise you, you would not be reading this right now if you were not being “called.”

This is your body’s way of asking you to course correct 


activating and living from your Core.

I have chosen a very intimate, rejuvenating and inspiring venue to host this deeply healing retreat. This is the BEST of what I have to offer for transformation in a safe, powerful group setting. This is purposefully a small group so that maximum results can be achieved. 

Who will LOVE this retreat?

Women who are in need of


Space to think

Discover how to take care of you while caring for others

Realign your mind, body and spirit

Discover your pelvis, core muscles, posture and strength

Awaken the mind-body connection in a whole new unique way to enhance your health, wellbeing, relationships & career.


Engage in a SOUL-NOURISHING Retreat & Return to Your Core Self


  • There will be¬†group activities, journaling, meditation, coaching and 1-2 curated CORE yoga sessions,¬† ¬†lead by Dr. Sara Smith. This is your chance to experience the hands-on, in-person magic of working with Sara!


  • Learn how¬†your¬†pelvis, core¬†influences connection, courage, communication and more!
  • Experience Dr. Sara‚Äôs¬†one of kind Pelvic Wisdom Meditation¬†and mindfulness practices


  • There will be¬†‚Äúsemi-silent‚ÄĚ time¬†to roam the gardens, write your next book, discover your next life move, pray, sleep, gather with other women, read, walk the labyrinth, or anything that fills your tank!¬†


  • Together¬†we will create a plan¬†for harmony, balance and options for your well being each day. Most importantly, I will teach you the art of actually making it HAPPEN!


  • Learn¬†tools/modalities for filling yourself up for clearing yourself of negative energy and stress¬†so that you will be healthier and more joyful without much time or effort.


  • Active listening communication will be practiced to¬†learn to trust your authentic voice. You will learn to¬†engage in heart & core felt conversation for enhanced problem solving ability¬†(that will help you with ALL relationships and human interaction!!)


  • You will leave the retreat¬†personally filled up and refreshed! So that you can take real life changing action. This will help you discover how to fit yourself into the equation while juggling so many other things.


Here’s What Past Participants Have Said


“If you’re already thinking about it, that is your soul telling you that you need it. Listen to yourself! Give yourself permission!”

“Still feeling so many positive effects from the retreat. Not exaggerating when I say it was life changing.  I’ve been thinking for a while about changing jobs but hadn’t pulled the trigger. A lot of the questions you posed to us really helped me to focus on what I’m looking for – one of my words was “direction” because I’ve felt very lost.  Anyway, I applied for a few jobs and I’m excited to say I’ve accepted a new role! I’m very excited and I think it will be a very positive change and wanted to thank you for being a part of it. ”

“Please allow yourself the time, space, freedom and love this retreat offers. It is self-care at it’s finest. You will not regret it!”

“Go outside your comfort zone. Sara is so adept at making everyone feel comfortable.”

“You’ve got to at least go once to see what all the “awesome” is about. It’s hard to put into words how much change has occurred within me in the last 24 hours. It’s the motivation I’ve needed to engage change.”

“Just do it! Don’t have any expectations- you will get what you need  and what you don’t even know you need!”

All the Details!

Where & When?

November 16th-17th 2024

(**Living from the Core Sisterhood Members will arrive and being November 15th). 

9 am Saturday-2 pm Sunday

Richmond Hill Retreat Center

2209 E Grace St, Richmond, VA 23223




(Payment Plan Options are available)

Investment includes

-Private Room at Richmond Hill Retreat Center (**some double occupancy rooms may occur based on Retreat Center availability)

-Entire Retreat cost

-All meals

-Endless teas, coffee & community

-A Special Gift curated to enhance your experience during the retreat

-A priceless opportunity to transform your life through wisdom that no one else could possibly share with you, except for your own inner Truth

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