Living from the Core

Sacred Community + Self Grounding to Flourish
























Are you needing space? 

 for clarity & direction…  

for personal AND professional, purposeful awakening?


Your Core is Calling You


It is asking you to shift.

From survival, stress and too many “juggling it all alone” moments

to a golden opportunity to

THRIVE & FLOURISH in sacred community. 

When one rises we all rise.




We are not meant to compartmentalize our lives or ourselves. We are meant to return to Wholeness.

During this 1 year membership we will gather together consistently to center ourselves + connect with each other in meaningful ways in order to cultivate clarity, purpose, confidence and courage. 

We will embark on a one-of-a-kind Core mind-body-soul lifestyle to reawaken our Wholeness.




Research shows when women gather- a hormonal stress release response occurs. We are meant to lift each other up in our unique ways! During the year, you will have the opportunity (but not required!) to share your unique skills, talents personally + professionally. 


 Together we will join an intimate gathering space where not only will you learn, but through community, stories and sacred tools, your experience will be deepened by being with others.




Chances are, you have been taught how to push, how to tackle a huge to-do list and achieve at a fast rate. I bet you even know exactly how to power through with a smile to get the job done WELL.

I know personally how hard it can be to be a connected, effective person seeking meaning, calm, joy and peace but internally feeling stuck, frustrated, tired, overwhelmed and not good enough. 

I also know how easy it is to put off thinking about the struggles or solutions- there are so many other people and tasks you are juggling and responsible for. 

You are not alone, dear one. I have heard from women all over…this is a common problem. 

I have an extremely unique lifestyle “solution”


So very often the solutions you desire (or gave up on long ago) lie behind the curtain of your current overwhelm. Big, bright, shining, compassionate and door-opening solutions.

It’s time for the external You and the internal You to resonate.  

In order to live in a state of inner calm, joy and confident clarity (and truly be of benefit to those around you, and your community) 

it starts with you and your inner core! 

What is inside deserves attention and space to breathe. Space to rest, to create and to be given permission. That is the journey we will be embarking on.  

This is not a quick fix. This is a one of a kind living, breathing, evolving lifestyle where in sacred community we learn to live from the Core. 


This lifestyle is where your Inner Wisdom and all areas of your life connect and flourish. 



The Container for Your Journey


Seasonally Themed C.O.R.E Method

We will utilize the natural cyclical rhythms of the seasons & moon to connect with the C.O.R.E Process. 


The Details:

Sacred Welcome Package

I looove gifts! This package will be yet another way to connect our sacred group together + help enhance your experience. 


 Monthly Sacred Gatherings (via Zoom) 

Teachings + Tools, Intention Setting (utilizing the natural rhythm of new moon) + Sacred Sisterhood time


 Beginning and Ending of the Seasons Ceremony Tool

Through a guided meditation process, you will be able to Close and then Welcome each new Season with a fresh perspective! By reviewing, celebrating and recalibrating. 


Curated Workbooks & Worksheets 

Guided Reflection & Sacred Tools to ground, center and renew


Simple Tracking Tools 

to track your personal progress throughout the year 


Private Community Platform 

To stay connected, share, uplift, gain insight and be with others. 

Dr. Sara will also be encouraging meet-ups, phone calls and other ways to get to know your new friends in this sacred experience. 




Optional Additions to Your Journey: 


Discounted 1:1 Private Mind-Body-Soul Mentoring 

For as long as you are in the membership, you will receive discounted sessions for personalized attention to set intentions and shift behaviors. 


Live Fall Retreat in Richmond VA 

We will gather to renew and reclaim in a hugely transformative weekend process at the amazing Richmond Hill. These fast filling retreats will be reserved for those in the membership. Click here to learn more.



Ready to Live from the Core?

Join the Waiting List for Sacred Community 2023-24!

The year long membership for 2022-23 has already begun. Share your information below to join the list for next years group.

Hope to see you soon!

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