About Dr. Sara


Dear One,

Whatever you may be experiencing right now, I want you to know I FEEL you.

Your story is worth being shared, processed, and healed in a respectful & privately so that you can be your best self now.

I believe we need more humans in the world— people like you dedicated to living in truth and compassion for a higher purpose, fueled by alignment with their core, soul purpose and connection to missions that matter to our families, community & world.

The old paradigm used to be if you want to make a difference- put yourself last, work hard, very hard until the life is squeezed out of you, stress ensues and then your body starts to take a toll.

But, legacies are not left when you are limping around, always putting off rest, too busy and overly stressed.

THIS is the work we’re here to do.

Love, Sara

The Professional Details

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Yoga Practitioner, Intuitive Transformational Coach, Bodyworker, Speaker & Author, Dr. Sara combines her expertise with over 20 years of nutritional, neuroscience, spiritual, health, wellness, leadership & habit change development to curate research driven results. 

Passionate about uncovering the Mind-Body-Spirit connection in personal & professional situations- Dr. Sara serves as a mentor to high achieving and empathic individuals.

She has an uncanny ability to quickly uncover core hidden blocks and transform them into growth opportunities. Her practical, nurturing approach combined with humor and wit refreshingly invites individuals to turn the most personal and stressful situations into empowered confidence and action for change in all areas of life. 

The Personal Details

I believe in divine timing. I believe you did not stumble upon this page but that your Core & Soul are calling to you.

My Core Wisdom certainly was calling to me. The professional path I described above has evolved only as I was personally shifting, shedding, growth and transforming. The easiest way for me is to share my story is through the camera.

Love, Sara


Sacred Methods

Find a flow that fits your desires + schedule

Whether you’re looking to gain inner clarity + freedom, hoping for space to breathe + rest, or looking for help on a specific issue — I have created three types of journey's to nourish you when you need it most. 



 Living From the Core

Sisterhood + Retreat

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On Demand 


Online Courses Meditations 

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Awaken Your Core

 Thrive Professionally + Personally

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Invigorate Your Inbox

Learn to connect to your Inner Core Wisdom

Your inner core holds incredible clarity to your current stressors. Try my signature Core Wisdom Meditation, part of the larger CORE Alignment Method.

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