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Guided Meditations + Poetry Musings

Thank  you for being here. Enjoy these beautiful gold flecks of peace and inspiration.


Dr. Sara's Meditations
Spring Equinox Meditation 2024

Usher in the essence of Spring as you access a message from your Pelvic (Core) Wisdom. This process will help guide you in your life this entire spring season.  
*This was a live recorded meditation that was part of a "Change of Season Ceremony" for the Living from the Core Sacred Sisterhood


Dr. Sara's Meditations
Cleanse & Renew Body Scan

Each breath we take is an opportunity to cleanse and renew. A clean slate that is available at every moment we choose to connect!


Dr. Sara's Meditations
Live & Lead from the CORE

In this mindful meditative practice, I will guide you through my process of connecting to and activating your Pelvis and Inner Core. This Core practice is designed to support you to activate clarity, stress relief, conflict resolution and most importantly accessing your innermost Truth while feeling truly safe to express. Living from the Core is a way of being to remain true to our innermost Selves as we simultaneously engage and interact with others in more meaningful ways.


Dr. Sara's Meditations
Taking off the Coat of Pressure & Connecting to the Core

Let go of the weight on your shoulders. You deserve a few minutes to yourself. Tap into your Core and notice the clarity it can bring.


Dr. Sara's Meditations
Breath + Core + Intention

All aspects of us are connected. When we tap into our breath and energetic self with loving awareness, we can heal and nourish our physical self. In this meditation, you will use intention, breath and body and discover the knowledge you desire is already within.



How are you?

This is a poem, from my heart to yours. It is mean to be enjoyed in a quiet, mindful manner-

listen, watch and see what stirs within.

Music: Dive in - East Forest


Go sit by the fire

What happens when you allow yourself to tap in to you?

Settle yourself and enjoy this poetry musing.

Music: Sunset Lover - Petit Biscuit

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Dr. Sara Smith is a teacher and guide on Insight Timer, offering many guided mediations as well as Live Meditations and talks. She specializes in using the power of the Pelvis to bridge the body, mind and spiritual Self. If you enjoy her relaxing and inspirational words, click here to dive into even more.