On-Demand Learning

with Dr. Sara Smith


Do you feel inspired to dive into your CORE and grow with me as your guide? I have lovingly curated many programs that you can explore around your schedule. 

Rest + Restore

4 Part Meditative Series

I have carefully designed a short and sweet meditative series that specifically addresses the 4 most impactful skills you need to thrive, improve energy and direction in your life. 

For anyone who is in a care-taking role such as healthcare professionals, managers, directors, family caregivers, parents, holistic practitioners or advocates dealing with the real effects of compassion fatigue. 

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Your Pelvis Is Your Superpower


As women, we have often been conditioned to avoid the power of the pelvis.

Instead, often encouraged to live from the heart, the gut or the head in terms of making decisions and communicating both personally and professionally. 

We will shine light into every fiber and nerve of the pelvis so you can fully understand the real power- it is so much more than just sexual energy. The pelvis is where our confidence, clarity, impact and Truth comes from! 

If you have personal, professional or community driven goals, understanding exactly how to activate and live from the pelvis to impact change is THE missing first step to heartfelt, intuitive, courageous feminine living.

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Healthy Sleep

3 Part Masterclass

Discover the #1 key reason for sleep disturbances

Learn WHY you have been experiencing the sleep difficulties you have, and what tools are available to shift this experience.

Be more tapped in to YOU and the messages your body has been sharing with you that you may be missing (orrrr avoiding). 

Get clear on the small kind, steps you are ready to take. 

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