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How do I get a provider to take me seriously? Tips to help

Hormonely Article

How do I get a provider to take me seriously? This is such an important question! Over the last 15 years working as a physical therapist, yogi, and intuitive coach in the world of chronic pain and pelvic floor PT, I have seen too many clients who come to me saying they do not feel valued, heard, or attended to with their health, wellbeing, and symptoms by their providers. Here are some tips to help you find and talk to your provider and advice on what to do if you’re still feeling unheard.


Live From The Pelvic Core, Reduce Overwhelm & Return to Center 

Teacher on Insight Timer

Dr. Sara specializes in utilizing the power of the Pelvis to bridge the body, mind and spiritual Self. She discovered this is vastly useful in solving daily life challenges. She mentors others via private sessions, group work, retreats and experiential workshops to learn how to efficiently solve their most seemingly unsolvable life transitional-career, relationship & wellness challenges/. This is done by a carefully guided process of going inward and accessing Pelvic & Core Wisdom. This creates greater ease and stress-less living by using the latest neuroscience, mindfulness and pelvic floor research.


5 Scouted Wellness Coaches You Should Know About

Featured Wellness Coach in The Scout Guide

We can always use support and guidance in our quest to lead a mindful, healthy life, but lately, having a trusted expert to coach us along on our wellness journeys feels more important than ever. The Scout Guide editors provided recommendations on wellness coaches offering virtual connection for those seeking professional—and personalized—help in these areas. Dr. Sara Smith was one of the five in this list!

ESVA Chamber of Commerce

February Member Spotlight

Come learn more about Dr. Sara in her interview in the Februrary member spotlight with the Eastern Shore of Virginia Chamber of Commerce.


Core awareness is another incredible practice to attain optimal focus

Article on Thrive Global

Core awareness is another incredible practice to attain optimal focus. Bringing people back to the wisdom of their core is a large part of the work I do with clients. We have been hardwired to seek external approval and advice and we are often unable to focus because we have twenty well intended voices yapping at us to “do it this way.” Core awareness is the habit of bringing the minds awareness inward, to the center of the body and asking ourselves what needs to be focused on?

Getting an Upgrade; How Anyone Can Build Habits for Optimal Wellness, Performance + Focus

Interview on Authority Magazine

Part of Authority Magazine's series about “How Anyone Can Build Habits For Optimal Wellness, Performance, & Focus”.

Unlocking Your Inner You Through Core Strength

Zack Miller Says YouTube

Understand and invest in your core. Dr. Sara Smith and Zack Miller run down the lives of go getter's, humans who are lost and the hysteria that the marketing provokes to push folks to buy things, even though the label is misleading.

How Stress, Worry and Fear can Show Up as Urgency and Prolapse

Interview with Fem Fusion Fitness

In this fantastic interview with Dr. Briane Grogan and Dr. Sara Smith, you'll learn all about how stress and "living urgently" can contribute to pelvic health issues such as pelvic organ prolapse and/or incontinence.

Purge Your Urge with Dr. Sara

on the "In Your Pants" Podcast

When your bladder calls the shots, your social calendar starts to look barren. Never mind sitting through a movie, your fear of peeing in your pants keeps you plenty occupied. Urgency doesn’t have to rule your life and neither does your bladder.

Pelvic Floor Health

on the "Body Positive Yoga" Podcast

Dr. Sara talks pelvic floor health for plus size people and beyond on this episode of the Body Positive Yoga podcast.

Dr. Brianne Grogan: Leading and Living from the Core

Dr. Bri Talks Podcast

We dive into the emotional & spiritual "core" to uncover the TRUE you. This episode will help you uncover what you truly want to do, create, and BE in this world so that you're not chasing someone else's dreams.

Dr. Sara Smith with Core Confidence

"Beyond the Pink Cloud" Podcast

We touch on vitally important topics such as: chronic pain and how the simple act of listening and presence can begin to change a person’s life and world, the importance of learning to listen to one’s own body and a simple technique for how to drop into the pelvis, the great need for human connection, and Sara’s practice of delineating a word of the year.

The One About Urgency With Dr. Sara Smith

Fit2B Radio Podcast

Urgency of mind and body are connected. Urge incontinence is the urgent need to urinate and often associated with leaking. The stress in our over-scheduled lives can affect the bladder as well as other actions and habits in our lives. We love how Dr. Sara Smith, who is a key contributor to our Fit2B Girls Ecourse, addressed all of this in such a delicate, yet straightforward and encouraging way!



Dr. Sara Smith blends her extensive professional (neuromuscular, biopsychosocial and spiritual) background to partner with you in a distinctive Mind-Body-Spirit Healing Mentorship. Through her holistic process, she will uncover your specific CORE blocks that have been creating stress, pain and dysfunction in any key area of your life and facilitate transformation.



Constance M.

Sara Smith is an excellent coach, providing a framework for exploration, but with enough flexibility to adapt to my needs as we went along. By helping me marshal my physical, emotional and spiritual resources, she helped me tap my own wells of wisdom, courage and strength to find balance as I took on a very demanding new professional venture. My only wish is that we had more time together. She is a healer, a wise woman, in the guise of your bestgirlfriend and you, too, will want to spend more time with her.


“Thank you very much for this fantastic information! I had googled the relationship between stress and stress incontinence as I felt there must be a connection, but was unable to find any info. When I'm on vacation stress incontinence is almost a non-issue, but while working it's a huge problem. My suspicion was finally confirmed in your interview with Dr. Sara. I feel encouraged by the information and tips that were shared. Thank you again!”


"Sara is a diamond in the rough! In a short time she helped me discover the underlying cause for my "stuck-ness" and opened my eyes to the possibility of greater heights. With her ability to see through the cobwebs, she helped me uncover an underlying belief that has limited my confidence as far back as I can remember. I have been given a golden key and with it, will be able to open the next door. Working with her has given me a new lease on life with the strength of confidence and new hope. She's one in a million. Thanks Sara!"