Going Inward

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Admittedly, I am a recovering perfectionist and I frantically have sought answers from others often over the years.

I have spent a lot of time and money looking outward and not trusting myself to know the next step. Not trusting God or a Divine force bigger than myself…wanting to control, to know the outcome, to make sure I am noooooot making any mistakes…

Every time I reach out, I am never told THE answer I seek but instead am given these beautiful lessons- they are more like gold flecks of Truth and Love from healers and mentors. They are not the exact specific actions or steps forward I frantically desire, but instead they are guiding principles to stir my development all the way to the Core of me. After years, I have found some common themes-

* go inward and Trust

* let go

* stop trying so hard

* go within, meditation, journal, slow down and listen

* lean on and trust your intuition

* learn to play

I have had plenty of moments (when I am really frantic and scared!) that these guiding principles shared with me seem so ambiguous, so annoying and way too simple to be an answer for me!

Over the years though, I started to come to welcome these guiding principles showered upon me.  I put into practice these principles and have vastly reaped the rewards of being more at peace, joyful and fulfilled.

I guess I realized in my heart I never expected THE answer to all my problems and THE next step anyway!  

I know that no one knows the answer & next step for me- except for me (and God)! Plus, no one really likes being told what to do…I certainly do not!

I started to learn that I did need assistance in seeing my blind spots and tying all the loose ends up in my core, heart, mind and challenging situations.

And then I started applying everything I learned from the best of the best with my own clients. The results have been nothing short of phenomenal as together we are healing, growing, evolving and accepting more peace, courage and connection.

I now utilize mentors and healers with a whole new understanding- instead of wanting them to solve my problems, I seek out guidance to deepen my practice of going inward.

* What I wanted was reassurance- and I find it every time I reach out for help.

* What I wanted was partnership and to know I am not alone- and I find it every time I reach out for help.

* What I wanted was a guide, who is doing the work of “going inward” to access Core Truth and Inner Wisdom. Who is actively practicing the odd concept of letting go and slowing down and who because of practicing this has already experienced more freedom, joy and peace!

All this being said- I will continue to share this going inward process and person journey. I am launching a video cast on YouTube to do just that called Going Inward: Conversations with Dr. Sara Smith!

Because it all starts by connecting to the pelvis, where all life, creative ideas and our Soul Purpose begins.  Through client stories, personal stories, interviews we will go inward.

Why go inward? To help you discover your Unstoppable Self. By going inward, recovering perfectionists can final become authentically free and joyful in body, mind and spirit.

Listen to Cinzia’s story about going inward and busting through career fear. Keep checking in for more Going Inward stories to help recovering perfectionists become authentically free and joyful in mind, body and spirit.


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