Clearing Pollution from the Soul

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Art by Jennifer Faye Colombo, a powerful meditation piece in watercolor.

Clearing Pollution from the Soul

a poem, by Dr. Sara Smith

A special thank you to a dear friend, Jennifer Faye Colombo, for sharing her powerful meditation in the form of this soulful watercolor. Just as this poem sprung from me in the wee hours of the morning, insisting I immediately write, so too are other powerful women choosing to listen to the call.


Thoughts pour out

Like billowy dirty clouds of an

Industrial park smoke stack.

Byproducts of the production line

Bottling fear, guilt, worry and lack.

Sealed and stickered

brightly colored to attract the moth

To the flame

No minute passes it’s workers are not required to mass produce.

The demand is too great to stop now.

Sealing consumer fate as the cap is tightly closed.

Day and night, night and day

Caps are sealed

Nearby women popping bottles

Lined with fake silver and gold

Complete the cycle of the production line

And the thoughts keep pouring out

From the smoke stack.

Polluting nearby rivers, birds, forest, air, lovers and our children.

Our beloved children.

Yet a Rising is blowing in

Smoke is clearing

Is it real? Is it a fleeting notion?

Whispering, soft and sweet,

“There is another way!

Take pause, look around and breath deep the byproduct of your control”

It stings the lungs, it clouds your dreams.

There is another way

Put back the cap

Recycle the bottle and return to sender

Thanks, but really.

No thanks.

Whispering tales of strength and wisdom from the depths of the soul.

Rising an ancient familiar breeze into polluted space.

It is true, for you

And you

There is another way.

No more fear, guilt, worry or lack

Bottled to produce byproducts of

The dirty smoke stack.

Take back your keys, take back the lock.

At the center of the hearth where we gather, share, laugh and dance

You will find your center, your heart, your secrets

Crystal clear

Whispers become louder still

Go now!

Take back your keys

Take back your lock

And feel the clearing of the pollution in your heart.



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