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Dr. Sara Smith is an inspirational speaker who enjoys fostering experiences as opposed to speeches. She has been speaking and educating others on how to quickly improve their quality of life by using the latest neuroscience, mindfulness and pelvic floor research for over 15 years. By weaving in easy to follow processes, Sara enjoys getting over-scheduled, multi-tasking, “get the job done” women to move beyond their current stress and reach far into the possibility of “where can I thrive?” Specifically she focuses on the mind-body connection and how it can be skillfully utilized by any individual to build clarity, resiliency, physical strength, confidence and ultimately improve productivity. She artfully crafts a perceptive experience for her audience allowing all to come away with not only the motivation, but imperative tangible action, to immediately begin creating lasting lifestyle shifts.

Join the movement that hundreds of other medical & wellness professionals, yoga teachers, women’s entrepreneur groups and truth-seekers have already discovered. This is not your average motivational speech – Dr. Sara Smith is driven to create real change for change-makers..


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Chances are, you have been taught how to push, how to tackle a huge to-do list and achieve at a fast rate. I bet you even know exactly how to power through to get the job done WELL.

The latest research in neuromuscular, pain modulation and biopsychosocial approaches are shining a light on a more effective way of Be-ing and producing. Because you are innovative and at the top of your field, it is vital to live, breathe and act in alignment with these cutting-edge techniques. Below is the approach Dr. Sara curated and mastered, offered in two different ways based on what you or your staff needs.


Living and Leading from the Core

4 hour immersive virtual retreat

  • Option for in person as well, this restorative retreat will guide you and your staff to ground and reset by way of a revolutionary approach called the CORE Alignment Method
  • Relieve burnout and high stress both at work and at home.
  • Create lasting lifestyle shifts in the areas of your life you need the most.
  • Claim space and tangible solutions to take simple yet bold actions from now on.
  • Utilize several mind and body modalities such as guided meditation, pelvic and core education; periodic movement practices including posture, breathing, and learning how to do a Kegel. 


Reset and Return to Your Core Self

Interactive Online Workshop

  • Dr. Sara will introduce her unique approach to create a greater calm and clarity in your personal and professional life.
  • Learn how to live from the lower half of the body, rather than the overthinking head and worried heart.
  • Through intentional and brief movement practices, beginner friendly meditation, specific journaling techniques (designed to discover the root cause of stressors and blocks), goal setting, and much needed space, Dr. Sara will lead you in the CORE Alignment Method to inner calm and clarity.
  • Be more relaxed, settled and focused in mind and body.
  • Come away with a new set of tools to uncover your personal stress points.


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