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Dear friend, 

Your family, profession, community & the world need you to be sleeping well.

Sleep is key for forward momentum and leaving a legacy without burnout.    

One of the vicious cycles that has transpired for me over the last several years are the dreaded sleep disturbances. Whenever something is plaguing me I know one thing- I need education, research and out of the box ideas and…

 I discovered this is a public health epidemic.

 Not to mention, a public health epidemic that effects more women in the pre, peri & postmenopausal states and  is an even more prominent issue for BIPOC, American Indian/Native American/Indigenous, Hispanic/Latinx, Asian/Asian American or Multiracial peoples.

I have intimately spoken with many individuals lately about their sleep lifestyle and this is what I have found:

  • “I cant drink or eat sugar in the evening like I used to…”
  • “I have so much trouble winding down from the day. It takes forever to fall asleep…”
  • “I have no trouble falling asleep, but inevitably super early in the morning I am waking up and it takes forever (if I even can) to fall back asleep.”
  • “Racing thoughts, the election, my to-do list and family issues are making it difficult”
  • “I do pretty well sleeping unless I am super stressed.”
  • “I think my hormones are a big cause of this…but I guess that is just part of being a woman”
  • “The dog…children…noises outside…something is always waking me up.”
  • “I sleep well (or above mentioned reports of sleep) but regardless I wake up EXHAUSTED.”
  • “I get so sleepy and lose energy early to mid afternoon.”


We will dive into the nuts and bolts of WHY these are very common issues and what to do about it.

From all of my nutritional, gut health, hormone health, neuroscience, physical therapy and spiritual intuitive background I know this to be true: You can be exercising and sipping green smoothies with supplements galore during the day but your body is not going to be metabolizing it well if healthy sleep is missing!

Let’s upgrade this sister!



Sleep may seem like it is something that is impossible to adapt especially when we have been in the vicious cycle forever, but…

There is hope!

No, I am not talking about perfect sleep- I am talking about healthy sleep where you do have the ability to listen to the messages of your body and make meaningful shifts over time to reclaim a healthy sleep pattern.



Sleep is key for forward momentum and leaving a legacy without burnout. 

Thanks to my own insomnia, I have been diving DEEP into this topic to gather the data mentally, spiritually and physically so we ALL can create a meaningful plan that will work



Small hinges move big doors

So! Let’s gather, learn and share. 

Research shows when women gather- a hormonal stress release response is triggered. We can all lift each other up. We will create an intimate, online gathering space where not only will you learn, but through community and sharing we can deepen the experience by being with others.

Together, we will be diving into the mind, body, spirit reasons for your most difficult sleep disturbances and through an experiential group process. 

Together you will start to create a healthy sleep plan.

What this masterclass is not

No, I do not have a magic wand to erase all sleep disturbances after this gathering.

No, this is not about pushing and forcing. This gathering is all about self-love, kindness & awakening to the full YOU who wants to thrive and knows the smallest movements of loving kindness can open big giant doors for personal and professional fulfillment. 

What you will gather from this masterclass

Yes, you will learn WHY you have been experiencing the sleep difficulties you have, and what tools are available the shift this experience.

Yes, you will be more tapped in to YOU and the messages your body has been sharing with you that you may be missing (orrrr avoiding). 

Yes, you will get clear on the small kind, steps you are ready to take.



Watch at your own pace, on your own time

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