Hi, I'm Dr. Sara Smith! I am a Life and Business Coach for exceptional women all around the world. I specialize in major life transitions, decision making, and business ventures. I developed the CORE Alignment Method for Awakening to Your Core Wisdom to live a life of confidence and soul purpose.


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  • This is my intention: to share stories, anecdotes, lessons and beautifully messy, raw, insightful and delightful reflections on life, love, and the pursuit of living from the CORE in business, life, and relationships.
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What's in store...

“You told me this would happen in time, the influx of creativity and abundance and readiness for the adventure of life. But WOW. Im so glad I have you in my life, the wisdom you've shared is priceless and Divine…” -KL

“I continue to use the tools she taught me all the time to navigate life's challenges and repeatedly return home to my body and my truth. Years of therapy didn't give me what she did…” -KM

“Her focus on "living from the core" is something that now feels like home to me, especially when making important decisions for my business. In addition to helping me with my career goals, Sara helped me through one of the most emotionally challenging times in my life, and for that I will be forever grateful...” -BG

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