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About the e-book:

I am Grounded in Grace and Gratitude

I am ready to love in a soulful and profound way.
I allow the light of grace and hope to fill me up.
I am tapped in to the wisdom of my Core.
I am Open to receive the gifts of grace and hope.
I create space in my Pelvis for trust and abundance.
I am grounded in grace and gratitude.

In the rush of daily life, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Yet, a simple Gratitude practice can turn your life around.

A daily gratitude practice isn't just self-care; it's a way to find peace in the present and align your life with your truest self.

Contemplating gratitude, affirmations are a scientifically proven way to battle self-sabotage and create a positive mental loop. Neuroscience shows how affirmations activate our brain's reward pathways, reinforcing our core values and beliefs.

I created Grounded in Grace and Gratitude: A Guide to 7 Days of Gratitude so that you can deeply connect to the powerful essence of gratitude and allow it to infuse every aspect of your existence.

5 Simple Steps to Start your Gratitude Practice

  1. Download your Grounded in Grace and Gratitude e-book
  2. Begin with daily affirmations and a moment of gratitude
  3. Dedicate time and patience for your practice
  4. Feel the gratitude and believe in your affirmations
  5. Remember, transformation is a journey not a race, so be gentle, graceful, and patient with yourself.

Hi, I'm Sara!

I am a Life and Business Coach for exceptional women all around the world. I specialize in major life transitions, decision making, and business ventures. I developed the CORE Alignment Method for Awakening to Your Core Wisdom to live a life of confidence and soul purpose.

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