with Your

Soul Purpose in 2024

LIVE Pelvic Wisdom Meditation & Talk 

with Dr. Sara Smith


The Pelvic Wisdom Meditation invites us to deeply connect with ourselves in a unique and profound way. During this event Dr. Sara Smith will guide you through the meditation, journaling prompts, discovering your 'word of the year,' and answer your questions. She will also share trailblazing information about the Integration of the Heart, Head, and Pelvis and how it is necessary for complete embodiment.

The event will be hosted live online

January 11 ~ Thursday ~ 6PM EST

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Oh the stories our pelvis could tell; if we would only let her speak...

Your Soul Purpose is calling you. Together through meditation and reflection we can uncover the hidden messages from deep within your BEing.

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The Experience


Discover Your Soul Purpose: The Pelvic Wisdom Meditation practice allows you to uncover the unique calling and hidden messages that lie within, guiding you to a deeper understanding of your life's path. By connecting with this often-overlooked source of intuition and strength, you gain clarity and insight into your true purpose, unlocking a bespoke path for you and your needs, desires, wants, and dreams.

The Power of Live Collective Meditation: Engaging in live meditation with others creates a synergy that not only enhances personal well-being but also fosters a sense of unity and connection. Research shows that meditating in a group can increase feelings of calmness, clarity, and happiness, making it a powerful tool for both mental and emotional health. In this sacred space, you're not just meditating; you're part of a collective journey towards greater peace and mindfulness.

Guidance from Dr. Sara Smith: Benefit from the wisdom of a seasoned meditation guide whose expertise is integral to the journey of Self-discovery. Dr. Sara's gentle, yet firm direction, will help you navigate the depths of the Pelvic Wisdom Meditation with confidence and ease.

What Awaits

  • 30-min Insightful Talk: Learn what it means to Integrate the Heart, Head, and Pelvis and how to align these key aspects of Self — emotion, cognition, and intuition. Understand this synergy is fundamental for a balanced, fully embodied life and aligning with your Soul Purpose.
  • 20-min Guided Meditation: Dr. Sara will guide you through the Pelvic Wisdom meditation where you'll explore the vital link between your physical core and Soul Purpose, paving the way for a more energy, focus, time, and aligned action in your life.
  • Discover a "Word of the Year" Message from Your Inner-Self: This process involves quieting oneself to allow words, phrases, visuals, or intuitive knowings to surface. Even silence or an abstract sensation like a color or emptiness is meaningful. Sometimes insights emerge later, and other times, the quiet itself is the message. Unlike simply choosing a word, this practice encourages deep listening and acting on the soul's guidance.
  • 20-min Prompted Reflection: A guided practice designed to unlock your personal insights with structured journaling prompts that lead you through a reflective and introspective process, helping you to articulate and understand your what you experience during the Pelvic Wisdom Meditation and how it aligns with Your Soul Purpose.
  • Engage in a real-time Q&A session with Dr. Sara Smith.

You'll also receive:

  • Printable Journal to follow along with the journaling prompts.
  • Recording of the livestream to revisit the meditation all year.

Investment: $85

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How Pelvic Wisdom Benefits You

Unlock Your Innate Power

When we go to the Pelvis physically, emotionally, and spiritually we can unlock our innate creativity, focus, conviction, and authentic Truth forever. When you combine the Wisdom of the Core with the Desires of the Heart, and Intelligence of the Head, you can achieve real outcomes in even the most challenging situations.

Find Your True Path

Going inward to the Pelvis eludes the complexities of the mind, enabling a more natural and effortless revelation of your True calling through the body's intuitive messages. It's a gentle yet profound approach to understanding your deepest desires and intentions.

Balance in a Fast-Paced World

Our minds and our bodies are not actually requiring us to spend massive amounts of time working on ourselves just to "feel better and be more balanced." Instead, when one learns how to access a state of relaxation quickly and learns HOW to stress less- the mind and body are in greater alignment. Grounding in your Pelvic Wisdom offers a unique form of clarity and greater ability for calm.

As an attendee you will be invited to upgrade your experience with a 1:1 VIP Soul Purpose Discovery Call with Dr. Sara after the event.

This is an exclusive offer available only for those who purchase Align with Your Soul Purpose - Pelvic Wisdom Meditation & Talk.

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Hey, I'm Dr. Sara Smith,

Life and Business Coach & Founder of the CORE Alignment Method. I specialize in major life transitions, decision making, and business ventures all around the world. 

I weave together mindfulness + neuroscience + Pelvic Wisdom + the CORE Alignment Method to help people Flourish in their lives, careers, and communities by guiding them through the path of least resistance in life's greatest transitions, and living out their Soul Purpose.

I believe we need more humans in the world just like you, living in Truth and compassion for a Higher Purpose, fueled by alignment with your Pelvis + Core, Soul Purpose and Connection to missions that matter to our families, community, and world. I'm here to help you move forward with confidence and ease.

I've helped my clients:

Go from 10/10 pain, barely able to walk and needing a cane to walk half a mile,  to becoming a full time artist, hiking 40 miles in the mountains per week...

Create one of the most influential environmental policies the world has seen in our lifetime, while healing her relationship with her husband and pelvic floor dysfunction...

Find true love and a partner who was everything they ever hoped for…

Shift jobs while making way more money and spending less time working each day…

Dear one,

I see you, and I feel you. You've been the poised warrior, the buzzing visionary, and the brilliant problem-solver. You've adhered to every rule, climbed every mountain, taken care of everyone and yet, something feels amiss.

As women, we've been guided to seek answers from our hearts, guts, or heads. But what if the True path to impact and change lies deeper within?

Friend, what if I told you that balance, peace, joy doesn't start in your head, heart, or gut. It begins in your Pelvis - where all life and creation originates.

The Pelvis is a gateway to energies like drive, self-trust, personal power, and deep emotions, including pleasure and playfulness. It connects us to something greater and to our True Self. If we can learn to soften into it, we can embrace pleasure, joy, and deep emotional connections with ourselves and others.

This is why I created the Pelvic Wisdom Meditation and throughout the years have served hundreds of women on their paths to Living from the Core in Alignment with their Soul Purpose.

I believe in Divine timing, and I believe that you are here in my little corner of the web, because it's time to live your Truth, with confidence and ease.

With Love & Light,


What people are saying


"Focusing on a word for the year helped me do just that….focus!! Doing that session really was the beginning of me giving myself time for self reflection and personal time!"


"...working with Sara changed my life! Her process and tools helped me get to the root causes of many lifelong struggles and come out stronger and more confident on the other side. I was able to make a big career change, which has given me back so much joy in my work..."


"You told me this would happen in time, the influx of creativity and abundance and readiness for the adventure of life. But WOW. Im so glad I have you in my life, the wisdom you've shared is priceless and Divine. You are so connected. Thank you one million times Sara."

This guided meditation and talk is for you if...

You're seeking to understand how to align your life, business, or career with Your Soul Purpose.

Know what it's like to burn out from sacrificing a part of who you are just to create a certain result.

You're an unconventional soul, a creative spirit

You're at the cusp of a major life transition.

You've felt the tug between the logical and the mystical, and you're ready to dive deep into the core of your being.

Whether you're a seasoned meditator, or new to the practice, Dr. Sara's guidance and insights will provide a new perspective on how to live a purpose lead life.

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